How to train your dog to use indestructible crate

When you buy an indestructible dog crate, it will be useless if you cannot keep the dog inside.

If you want to train your dog to use the crate, follow the following tips:

Be positive and patient during the training: important point that you have to remember is that the dog has to associate the crate to positive sentiments. You should start when you introduce the dog to its crate and remember that it can take some few days to weeks until the dog is happy to spend enough time in its crate.

At the beginning, do not close the door of the crate so that the dog can explore inside or outside when it wants to do so.

Place a crate in the place you like to spend most of your time: the right place to put the crate is the place where you like to be and where the dog will see you near. Add something that can be comforting within the crate such as blanket. The dog can start to sleep in the crate whenever it wants to.

Encourage the dog to enter in the crate: put the dog near the crate and speak to the dog in a happy and calm voice. When it refused to enter inside, you can drop the treats within the crate so that it can be forced to enter inside. However, the dog may get the treat and to come out at once, you have to be patient until the dog decides to be inside the crate for a long period.

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Give the food to your dog within its crate: when the dog is willing to spend time within the crate or to retrieve its toys or treat from it, then you have to start feeding the dog within the crate. The dog will be feeling positive about this crate. When the dog gets comfortable eating or standing within the crate, you can start to close the door during the meal time. You can open the door at once when it finishes eating and afterwards you can start to leave it inside for some minutes after eating. When the dog whines, do not take it out if it does not stop the whining or it will teach the dog that when it whines it will be taken out of its crate.

Leave the dog inside the crate if you are near: at the beginning, leave the dog in indestructible dog crate when you are not leaving the home. Use a certain word to tell the dog that you want it to enter into the crate. When the dog enters inside, you should praise it and leave it with a treat. You can sit nearby for some minutes before you go somewhere else. You can return to spend some time with the dog before you decide to let it out.

Crate the dog for a short period at first: when you can leave the dog in the crate in 30 minutes without causing any issue, you may crate them if you leave for a short journey. Do not leave the dog inside in hurry but take time to praise the dog behavior before you depart. When you come back home, you should not be excited since this is to increase the anxiety in the dog if you leave your house. You should continue to crate the dog even when you are around so that the dog cannot associate the crate with your leaving. Keep the dog in the crate up to the time you are sure that it cannot destroy things in the home. As the time passes, let the crate be somewhere that the dog may enter on its own.

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You can leave toys in the crate so that the dog cannot be bored when it is left alone for a long period.