Simple Techniques to Start Acoustic Electric Guitar Playing

Do you love to play guitars? Well, it is not difficult to learn playing acoustic electric guitars. These guitars have been upgraded with the help of modern technologies. On the other hand, these technologies have enabled the players to find the best techniques to play best tunes. It was never an easy task for the players to enjoy different tunes with special notes.

At, we are here to teach the beginners as well as professional players to develop best skills to impress the audiences. Beginners looking for basic learning should remember the link mentioned above. Following points have been discussed in detail at our platform.

Learning notes on strings:
Whether it is a simple acoustic or electric guitar, there will be notes on strings. It is essential to understand the significance of each note. Different notes are responsible to create tunes. Players will find it difficult to show excellent performance if they don’t have knowledge of notes. In simple words, these strings have a name as well as a number.

Thickest string: It is 6th string and it is tuned to “E” in most of the standard guitars. According to experts, it is a low E string which is used to play lowest as well as deepest tunes.

  • Next one is the 5th string which is called A string. This string is tuned to “A.”
  • 4th string is called D string and it is tuned to “D.”
  • 3rd string is called G string and it is used for “G.”
  • 2nd string is called B string and it has tuned to “B.”
  • 1st string is also called E string. It is finest or thinnest string. However, it is used for High E Tunes.

How to memorize the strings?
Well, memory about the string names and numbers improves with the passage of time. Beginners can remember the stings with continuous practice. However, it would be better to remember the string order left to right “E A D G B E” and right to left “6 5 4 3 2 1” for numbers. Here are some easy techniques to memorize these names/notes.

  • Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears (EADGBE).
  • Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie (EADGBE).

For further information about memorizing string numbers and names visit right now. We hope that you will find easiest ways to improve your practice with acoustic electric guitars.

Chords Vs Notes:
Do you know the difference between these two terms? Well, Notes are used for pitch. This creates a sound whenever a single string is plucked. On the other hand, a chord creates sound of the group. Chords help to produce sounds of different strings being plucked by the players. In simplest words, the chords are just like the words while notes are similar to letters.

This discussion ends here because we have covered almost all the basic but important points. Beginners should remember these points in order to improve the guitar playing with different types of tunes at any stage.

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