Defining Carnauba Wax and How to Pick the Right One for Your Car

Did you know that cars could be waxed with the same wax used to coat candies? That’s right, and this type of wax is called Carnauba wax. It is also added to food products and several household-use products. This wax is also called Brazil or palm wax. It is extracted from the leaves of a palm tree (Copernicia prunifera) that grows in Brazil.

What’s in Carnauba or palm wax?
It contains eighty to eighty-five percent of fatty acid esters. Additionally, the product has three to six percent acids, ten to sixteen percent fatty alcohols and one to three percent hydrocarbons. Palm wax is made up of twenty percent esterified fatty diols, ten percent hydroxylated cinnamic acid and six percent hydroxylated fatty acids. A product that boasts a high melting point of between 180 to 187 degrees Fahrenheit, carnauba wax is tougher than your concrete surface. It is almost insoluble in water and ethanol and is hypoallergenic and non-poisonous. No wonder it has numerous applications. As an item that lacks a manmade equivalent, carnauba is a natural chemical and a recyclable resource.

Carnauba and car paint
Brazil wax is used to coat cars, as earlier hinted, and it has a unique sweet smell. It is important to invest in a wax or a sealant like this if your car needs it urgently. If you buy the right maintenance product, your vehicle will keep its luster and stay beautiful and stylish. But if you neglect your car, it will be less attractive and be hard to resell. As you drive your car daily, and it constantly faces the impact of bad weather, the result is damaged paint work and loss of sheen. As new technology is here with us, you should always protect your auto’s exteriors.

Correct carnauba sealant to purchase
It is important to buy car wax that frankly states that you don’t have to wash it off. This alone is proof enough that the wax is not harmful. Additionally, it is imperative to use wax that cannot leave white spots on your car’s painted surface. So it’s best to buy waxes that allow water to run off the painted surface to keep marks and damage away. If a given kind of wax will demand a lot of hours of polishing, it is a bad choice. It goes without saying that you require durable wax that will be left behind even after washing your auto. Finally, after buying the best wax, make use an applicator that cannot leave scratches behind.

Applying wax
If you will not have an expert apply wax on your car, it will be necessary to use suitable tools. These are sold online in the form of a kit. It will consist of the best carnauba liquid wax, a car washing shampoo and conditioner, and other accessories such as endurance tire gel, interior detailer, clay bars, scratch polish and special plastic polish. To apply the wax effectively, have at least a microfiber towel, foam applicator or microfiber wash mitt.

Our suggestion
We would highly recommend Car Guys’ Car Wax Kit. Made in USA, this product has a sweet scent. As a product we have personally tested on our Chevy Camaro, we could comfortably say that the results were amazing. If your vehicle has a silver color, choose this carnauba wax today. It leaves behind a very lustrous look and it comes ready with applicators and other stuff you need. Besides being a car wax, this product is also a paint sealant. It has polymer additives that increase the life of this product’s effect. With very little effort you can generate incredibly beautiful sheen and with just a little buffing energy you can get excellent results. To discover more suitable options, visit us online today.

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